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Lanesboro Jewelry Artist Wins International Award

Lanesboro Jewelry Artist Wins International Award

International award winning jewelry designer Liz Bucheit is the recipient of the Grand Award in the Wire Category of The Metal Jewelry Artistry Awards competition. Designed to draw attention to metal and wire artistry, this juried competition sponsored by Bead & Button magazine and drew entries from around the world.

Bucheit’s “Saami Inspired Ruff Collar” entry was created using pewter braided thread and reindeer hide. Bucheit keeps close ties to her Scandinavian heritage and credits her inspiration to her interest in traditional crafts of the Saami culture, Scandinavia’s indigenous people.

All finalists were invited to send their pieces, which were displayed throughout the weekend at the 2018 Bead & Button Show in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Liz Bucheit is an active speaker on the topic of Norwegian filigree work and conducts workshops and classes in jewelry design and fabrication. She co-owns and operates Crown Trout Jewelers in Lanesboro, MN with partner and fellow goldsmith Michael Seiler. Visit

Liz Bucheit “ruff” collar


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A History of Tin Thread Embroidery of the Sámi People

A History of Tin Thread Embroidery of the Sámi People

We love pewter thread for the distinct and unique properties that make it so wonderful to braid and weave when creating bracelets and necklaces. The coiled thread is soft and holds its shape after years of wear.

However, did you know that the use of coiled thread to decorate clothing and everyday items has been around for centuries? Small fragments of gold coiled thread have been found in Viking graves outside of Uppsala dating back to almost 3,000 years ago.

Historically the art of sewing silver, gold and even bronze thread to cloth and leather can be found around the world. There are examples to be found throughout a myriad of cultures including textiles and objects from China, Japan and India.

The Saami people of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia have been using tin thread embroidery since the 1600’s and the designs and patterns are specific and unique to the many Saami groups within the culture. In particular, tin thread embroidery is used to adorn the many styles of traditional Saami clothing called gákti.  Here are some examples from my Pinterest page.




Sadly, tin thread embroidery almost disappeared in the 1800’s when Saami groups were being forced to assimilate to modern Norwegian and Swedish culture. I just finished watching the film “Sámi Blood” this past week and I highly recommend it to anyone who would like to know more about this period.

Fortunately, around 1905 a gentleman named Andreas Wilks from Sweden brought tin thread embroidery back to the forefront of Saami culture after discovering his mother’s tools for creating the distinctive coiled thread. He began teaching classes throughout Northern Sweden and managed to prevent this beautiful craft from disappearing altogether. *(From Tin Thread Embroidery by Mona Callenberg 1997)

Here’s a link to some wonderful books about Saami culture.

Stay tuned for my next blog where I’ll show some different and creative ways to use tin thread.

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Get some class! Crown Trout Jewelers to host Saami Inspired Bracelet Class


In addition to creating custom jewelry in our Lanesboro, MN studio our Saami Inspired Bracelet Classes keep us on the road for a good portion of the year.  We’ve been teaching these classes for 16 years and have introduced this unique craft to over 1300 students. After teaching and presenting in dozens of venues and traveling to three states just this past year, we are happy to be hosting our final class of 2017 on Saturday November 18 from 10-5pm in Lanesboro, MN. Need a jump on some handmade Xmas gifts? You’ll be the most coveted Secret Santa around!

Go to for a complete class description and prices. Can’t make it to a class? Order a bracelet kit and supplies from

Make a Saami bracelet
Make a Saami bracelet
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Add some color to your pewter thread bracelets with colored cord.


Join our blog and add some color to your pewter thread bracelets.  I love the look of traditional pewter thread braids but sometimes I long for a little variation to really make the materials pop.  I usually wear several bracelets at a time and often I can color coordinate my selection with what I’m wearing. We recently added a rich rainbow of 1.00mm round cowhide leather cord to our inventory at  Follow the steps in this project to brighten you bracelets and your day.

Double Four Braid Pewter Thread Bracelet with 1.00 Round Leather Colored Cord

Begin by cutting 4 pieces of 0.35mm pewter thread approximately 18 inches long each.  Cut one 18 inch section of 1.00mm  round leather cord.

Take 2 pieces of pewter thread and place a strand on either side of your leather cord.  These will be your borders.  Double the entire piece in half on the end of an open paper clip attached to your table clamp.  Make sure to keep everything flat.  It’s a bit of a challenge so don’t be discouraged if it seems like you need another set of hands to get everything positioned properly.

Double your remaining 2 strands of pewter thread over the end of the paper clip and you are ready to start braiding.

Proceed to braid as you would for the double four-strand pewter thread bracelet project in our previous post this past week.

You should end up with a 6.5 – 6.75 inch finished braid.  You can sew the braid to a leather strip at this point or simply cap the end with a button and loop for a different look.

It’s hard to believe that the addition of color can make this braid look so different.  You can also try using round polyester cord or silk beading cord for variety.  I’ve had students use flat strips of suede or reindeer hide and even ribbon!  Remember to use materials at least 1.00mm wide so your material doesn’t disappear  between the sections of your pewter thread.

Don’t forget to join our blog and stay tuned for another exciting project next week. Visit for everything you need to fuel your creativity!

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New Twists on Saami Inspired Four Braid Pewter Thread Bracelets

Saami bracelet

I don’t know about you but sometimes I can get a little crazy when it comes to all the different variations of braids that are possible for my bracelets.  For example, I’m working on the two bracelets pictured below which are double strand, four braid weaves.  They are essentially the same except for the division of strand groupings.  In the first picture on the left, the braid on the left (“dubbel fyrflata”) uses around 6 feet of 0.35mm tin thread divided into 4 sections and doubled over for a 6.5 inch finished braid.  The style on the right uses 3 strands at 18.5 inches each and 1 strand at 21 inches doubled over for a 6.5 inch finished braid.  It’s all in how you divide up the strand groups.  Stay tuned for some examples where we combine leather, beads, silk cord and fish leather into the braid!


Saami bracelet
Saami bracelet


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Where to find Sami Bracelet supplies?

Saami Bracelet crafts Sami

Where to find Sami Bracelet Supplies?

You can find all of your Sami bracelet supplies right here. We carry only the best materials directly from Sweden. By having the Sami bracelet materials in stock and in the USA we cut your shipping time down to days instead of weeks. International shipping can sometimes take weeks to get through customs. Be sure to see our full list of products on our shopping page

If you are interested in more resources on making Saami bracelets check out these schools.

Crown Trout Jewelers in Lanesboro, Minnesota. This is a great place to take a class! The artists at Crown Trout Jewelers let you work directly in there studio. This gives you the unique chance to see how they create there work and to learn from people who are experienced and vetted in the arts. Part of their mission statement is to educate you in the history of the craft as well as the craft itself. You can sign up online or call for more information. 1-888-750-9294

North House Folk School in Grand Marais, Minnesota. This is a wonderful and scenic trip to the north shore. The North House Folk School offers many classes in crafts and Saami Bracelets are no exception. Here is a link to their site. Click here

American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The American Swedish Institute  offers classes on Sami Bracelets as well. Check their site or call for a class listing.

Ingebretsens in Minneapolis, Minnesota. A cool shop and education. Here is their info 

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Reindeer Leather Cord

Leather cords (Reindeer leather)
Leather cords (Reindeer leather)

Don’t finish off your Saami inspired projects using plain old leather cord.  Our reindeer leather cord is hand twisted around a strong core of synthetic sinew for strength and durability.  Choose from our variety of colored reindeer cords and match them up with your reindeer leather strips when you order from Saami Supplies!