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Four Braid Sami Bracelet Kit

Sami Inspired Bracelet Kits.

Online Courses

Solje Earringt Kit

Reindeer Products

Brown Leather made from reindeer hide.

Reindeer Leather

Sami, Saami Reindeer antler button

Antler Buttons

Sami, Saami Bracelet Leather cords (Reindeer leather)

Leather cords
(Reindeer leather)

Saami Sinew Bracelet Thread Sami

Sinew Bracelet Thread

Imitation reindeer leather - red

Imitation reindeer leather

Leather Cord - Metallic Blue

Leather Cord

Braiding Supplies

Sami, Saami Bracelet Leather Needles


Sami, Saami Tin Pewter Thread

Tin Thread

Sterling silver beads for bracelet making

Silver Beads

Crafting Tools

Black Velveteen Braiding Pad

Velveteen Braiding Pad

Finished Jewelry

Sami Inspired Thor Bracelet2 Inspired made with reindeer leather and pewter thread and an antler button.

Finished Bracelets

Sámi Inspired Necklace

Finished Necklaces

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