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Saami Bracelet Kits

Saami reindeer bracelet
Saami reindeer bracelet

Saami Bracelet Kits

We just received a shipment of Saami bracelet supplies from Sweden!  If you have taken our Saami bracelet classes in the past we now offer kits for our double braided pewter thread bracelet.  Never had a class from us?  No worries!  Kits come with a CD ROM showing step-by-step instructions. This is a wonderful project for beginning or advanced jewelers and crafters.  

This kit contains materials and directions for 1@ double braided bracelet.

Materials in kit:

Tin thread (45″ cut into 3@ 15″ sections)

18mm wide reindeer hide strip (approximately 7″ long)

5mm wide reindeer hide strip (approximately 2″ long)

1@ reindeer anter two hole button

1@ 5/10 straight needle (to use with acrylic thread to fasten braid to leather)

1@ leather “glover” needle (to use with black cotton/polyester thread to fasten button loop and close up back of bracelet)

Acrylic and black thread


You will also need: (Not included in kit)


Measuring tape

Plastic hobby table clamp with hole(s) in handle

Paper clip

Rubber cement

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