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Anita Schmid and Peter Rust Brooch

Saamisupplies Silver Thread Stories From Norway

Happy summer everyone! I hope you celebrated the summer solstice in true Norwegian fashion with lots of delicious food, drink and dancing. I’ve been busy finishing up my final report about my Norway trip for my American Scandinavian Foundation Fellowship titled Silver Threads: Discovering Sámi Silver so I’ve pulled out some of my favorite photos …

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Saamisupplies returns from Sámi Land in Norway

Greetings one and all! We have returned from the great northern reaches of Norway. I still have to pinch myself that my trip wasn’t a dream! I am so grateful to the American Scandinavian Foundation for sponsoring my research on discovering Sámi silver. We took hundreds of photos and hours of video that will knock …

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Happy Spring from

Happy Spring Everyone! It’s the final countdown to our big adventure! Please note that any orders placed after April 5 will be mailed after April 30 so stock up on your favorites in the next week. Needless to say this particular April is going to be one for the books. In less than two …

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Sámi Inspired Bracelet Class

Happy New Year from!

Hello and Happy New Year from! Woohoo for ’22! Here we are at the beginning of a new year and we are ready to rock out returning to the classroom as well as maintaining our online classes. The last time I was in a physical classroom was March of 2019 and we were hosting …

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Happy Holidays from Saamisupplies!

Happy (almost) Holidays Everyone! I can’t believe I haven’t written a blog since SPRING. So many new and exciting things! Check out our new logo! Many thanks to Eye Prize Marketing for their wonderful design work. We spent most of our summer trying to navigate between online classes and the possibility of in-person classes again …

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New! Sámi Inspired Sparkly Hoop Earrings

New! Sámi Inspired Sparkle Hoop Earring Class

Happy spring everyone! (Well, almost) It’s hard to imagine that nearly a year ago we were facing a lock down and requests to shelter in place. We all have missed and put life events on hold like celebrations, memorials, graduations and so much more.  We also had to make the computer our means of staying …

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Happy Sámi National Day – February 6, 2021

Happy Sámi National Day – February 6, 2021 Sámi National Day   February 6, 2021 Hi everyone! February is one of my favorite times of year.  Yes, yes we all know that Valentine’s Day is around the corner but did you know that the month of February is host to Sámi National Day? If this was …

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Copper Thread

New! Sámi Inspired Copper Thread

Make new friends but keep the old. One is silver, the other gold…..and copper! Happy New Year everyone! Sammisupplies is ready to jump into the New Year with new classes, kits and products. While we feature our classic tin thread and gold colored thread, we are excited to offer copper spun thread to enhance your …

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Happy summer from Saamisupplies

Happy summer from Hopefully everyone is finding time to find a bright spot during these troubled times. I am constantly amazed at the resiliency of the human heart and that artists and organizations around the world are among those at the core advocating for change. I want to take a moment to thank all …

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