You’ll Love Happy Spring Things

You’ll Love Happy Spring Things

Happy spring everyone! We are excited to add some new products to our ever growing inventory of exceptional products.

Want to use a bit of “spring” when weaving and braiding? Try our lightweight plastic crafting clamp. This is a handy tool if you like to craft on the go. The handles have holes on each of the handle ends that are perfect for hooking your paper clip.

weaving and braiding clamps
weaving and braiding clamps
weaving and braiding clamps
weaving and braiding clamps
weaving and braiding clamps
weaving and braiding clamps

This is a great help so you can maintain even tension while you are working your pewter thread. The plastic pads on the clamp jaws won’t mar your surface. I’ve even used this clamp on international flights when I’ve wanted to work on my projects since I can attach it to just about anything until the “captain requests you to return your table tray to its upright position”!

Try some different button variations with our new antler inspired pewter buttons. These buttons are metal versions of the traditional reindeer antler variety and are one of a kind. Use them to add a “surprise” sparkle and polish to your creations. 

We’ve got lots of exciting things happening with class offerings and private parties so make sure to check out our class calendar or call us for information on booking a personal venue or reserving a date for our Lanesboro, MN studio.

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2 thoughts on “You’ll Love Happy Spring Things”

  1. I had a wonderful time at the Scandia Mills school classes. Please keep me in mind if you have any more classes that need filling – would love to do larger bracelets and maybe earrings?

    Mary Arnesen
    Stillwater Mn

    1. Hi Mary!

      It was great to have you in class!
      Thanks for being such a trouper regarding the 7:30 am class start:)

      We are talking to Robin about a beginning and advanced Sami Bracelet class
      in August so stay tuned!

      All the best and thanks again for taking my classes.


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