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It’s “knot” easy! Pewter thread Viking posament practice.

Here are some practice pieces I’m working on using the same pewter thread  I use for my Saami Inspired Bracelet projects.  This type of knot work is a replication of “posaments” or decorations found in Viking graves from the 9th and 10th centuries in Sweden.  While I’m using pewter thread, ancient posaments were actually created using gold and silver wire and were used for embellishing clothing.  I’ve had to practice the knot patterns beforehand using leather cord and I’m still learning!

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With the release of our new book “Saami Inspired Bracelet Basics” (available at we encourage everyone to share their projects, tips and tricks on our Saami Inspired Crafts Facebook page!  Share your photos and check out our international contributors.

Liz Bucheit “ruff” collar


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Free! How To Measure Materials For Saami Inspired Leather Bracelets – Free Download

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Free! How To Measure Materials For Saami Leather Bracelets

Start making your own custom Saami inspired leather bracelets with this quick guide. Understanding what measurements are needed in a leather bracelet will help you to create innovative designs and allow you to experiment with your braiding. This is a free downloadable PDF.

Get it today and start creating. Also be sure to check out our learning page for videos and books.