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Where to find Sami Bracelet supplies?

Where to find Sami Bracelet Supplies?

You can find all of your Sami bracelet supplies right here. We carry only the best materials directly from Sweden. By having the Sami bracelet materials in stock and in the USA we cut your shipping time down to days instead of weeks. International shipping can sometimes take weeks to get through customs. Be sure to see our full list of products on our shopping page

If you are interested in more resources on making Saami bracelets check out these schools.

Crown Trout Jewelers in Lanesboro, Minnesota. This is a great place to take a class! The artists at Crown Trout Jewelers let you work directly in there studio. This gives you the unique chance to see how they create there work and to learn from people who are experienced and vetted in the arts. Part of their mission statement is to educate you in the history of the craft as well as the craft itself. You can sign up online or call for more information. 1-888-750-9294

North House Folk School in Grand Marais, Minnesota. This is a wonderful and scenic trip to the north shore. The North House Folk School offers many classes in crafts and Saami Bracelets are no exception. Here is a link to their site. Click here

American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The American Swedish Institute  offers classes on Sami Bracelets as well. Check their site or call for a class listing.

Ingebretsens in Minneapolis, Minnesota. A cool shop and education. Here is their info 

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