Happy Sámi National Day – February 6, 2021

Happy Sámi National Day – February 6, 2021

Sámi National Day   February 6, 2021

Hi everyone!

February is one of my favorite times of year.  Yes, yes we all know that Valentine’s Day is around the corner but did you know that the month of February is host to Sámi National Day?

If this was a normal year I would be in Minneapolis, MN teaching Sámi Inspired Bracelet classes at the American Swedish Institute in honor of Sámi National Day .  Teaching classes is always a great way to share and inform my students about the history of the Sámi people and the challenges they have faced culturally, politically and economically. Even though all my classes have moved online at the moment, I still like to celebrate this wonderful day by doing a bit of history about the Sámi culture.

So! Did you know that………

The Sámi are the indigenous “reindeer” people of Scandinavia and can be from Norway, Sweden, inland and parts of Russia. 

The Sámi national holiday is a relatively new day of celebration Norway adopted in 1992. Historically the Sámi people were forced to integrate more with the general population of Norway. Laws that were implemented even forbid the Sámi to speak their own language.

Today Sámi National day is celebrated all over the country. The Sámi flag is raised, the national anthem is sung and reindeer meat and fish dishes are prepared as celebratory food. You can bet reindeer racing is part of the festivities!

How will you celebrate Sámi National Day? Why not start by learning more about Sámi culture ?

Giitu (Sámi for thank you) for reading!

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